Officially Instituted

On September 21st, 2016 the Templum Lucis Lodge was officially instituted as a new Lodge working under dispensation in Stratford. The evening commenced with an enjoyable banquet, followed by the institution ceremony of the Lodge. The celebration continued after the Lodge was closed with dessert and social time. This was a remarkable event, attended by more than 50 masons, including several Grand Lodge officers.

Constitution of Templum Lucis

R.W. Bro. Adrian De Vries – Grand Junior Warden, R.W. Bro. David Cameron – Grand Lodge Management Committee, R.W. Bro. Terry Ridgway – DDGM South Huron, W. Bro. Neil Dolson – WM of Templum Lucis, W. Bro. Terry Kirk – DDGM Georgian North, R.W. Bro. Jeffery Gatcke – DDGM Frontenac.

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