Guidelines for Visitors

The Regular Meeting is held on the third Thursday of the months containing a solstice or an equinox, i.e. March, June, September and December at different locations. Check the events calendar for the upcoming meeting!

The Festive Board starts at 6:00 pm. The formal lodge meeting starts at 7:30 pm, however, we recommend you attend the festive board as it constitutes half the program. There is always a significant speaker at the festive board.

Templum Lucis Lodge No.747, being an Observant Lodge has certain expectations and characteristics not found in most “traditional” lodges.

Dress code and Protocol

Dress for visitors is black tie tuxedo, or at a minimum, a dark suit with a white shirt and a black tie. White gloves are encouraged. Grand Lodge officers wear their usual formal attire.

The banquet prior to the lodge is formal, in its structure, in its decorum, and is intended to be of the highest social standards at all times.
The highest of social graces and manners are therefore always expected.

In the lodge, all talking is forbidden, unless solicited by the W.M. Visitors will be instructed by the Director of Ceremony and lead into the lodge room in an organized formal way.

Cell phones are forbidden both during the banquet and especially in the lodge room. You should leave your phone turned off in the regalia case. Or you will leave it with the Tyler before entering the lodge room.

Lighting in the lodge room is by candlelight (or oil lamp) only.
What occurs in the lodge is intended to be of a solemn and contemplative nature. We strive to return a sense of awe to our ceremonies, and we employ the senses with music and meditative silence, light and darkness and we perform a closing charge. After the chain of the Union, we leave the room in organized manner, as instructed by the Director of Ceremonies.

Sincere discussion is encouraged on what has been presented at the banquet hour and in the lodge. These discussions are of primary significance and considered an integral part of our meetings, together with the festive board. Open discussion is expected, as it is intended to enhance the Masonic experience, enhance each person’s level of knowledge, and is also intended to contribute to our personal development.

Registration & Dinner

Visitors to Templum Lucis are always welcome and are an important component of our practices. As a matter of common courtesy, they are also expected to notify our Secretary of their commitment to attend any particular meeting. This is so our caterer and our Master can be properly prepared to accommodate their presence. Payment in advance is therefore required – see the Event Calendar for the actual amount. These Common Courtesies will also be respected in return.

Payment for the dinner may be made by e-mail Money Transfer, Cheque or Money Order. If you wish to use Email Money Transfer (our preferred method), please contact Secretary (click on the link to access the form).

If paying by cheque or money order, you will receive the postal address after registering by using the link above.