Observant Lodges

Read about the unique experience and the ideas behind the solemn ceremonies used in the Observant lodges.

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Guidelines for the Visitors

The Regular Meeting is held on the third Thursday of the months containing a solstice or an equinox. Dress: tuxedo is preferred but dark suit and tie are acceptable.

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Find papers and lectures presented by our members and documents regarding the Traditional Observant lodge movement

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Next Regular Meeting

June 20 - Festive board & Regular meeting: The next regular meeting of Templum Lucis Lodge No. 747 will be held on Thursday, June 20th at the Arden Park Hotel, 552 Ontario St, Stratford. This will be our Installation. The speaker at the Festive Board will be our outgoing Worshipful Master, R.W. Bro. Dale Graham. The meeting will commence with gathering in the banquet room at 5:30 p.m., followed by dinner at 6:00 p.m. Lodge will be tyled at 7:30 pm. The Festive Board is an integral part of the Observant lodge experience and we encourage all brethren to attend this meal if they are able. The cost of the sit-down, plated dinner is $65 and you must reserve your spot by June 16. Funds may be e-transferred directly to moc.liamgnull@6102siculmulpmet but please also fill the form https://templumlucis.ca/register-fb/ , otherwise we may not have your e-mail in case we have to contact you. You may also make other arrangements with the Secretary. Visitors are most welcome; please see our guidelines for visitors at https://templumlucis.ca/guidelines-for-visitors/ for details about dress and protocol. Come join us and experience what Observant Masonry is all about!