Deeper meaning of EA degree – Initiation

September meeting was a proud night for Templum Lucis Lodge No. 747: we initiated our very first member. There is only one person who can say that his mother lodge is Templum Lucis No. 747. W. Bro. Rob Lund is Secretary and Past Master of Kilwinning Lodge 565 in Toronto. He is, and has been, […]

A Temple of Light — Templum Lucis Lodge No. 747

By R. W. Bro. Rick Cadotte, FCF; Senior Warden On September 21, 2017, in South Huron District, in the City of Stratford, Templum Lucis Lodge No. 747 received its warrant from the Grand Master, M. W. Bro. Paul E. Todd. Our Grand Master led an impressive group of Grand Lodge Officers to officiate at this […]

Observing the Craft - book

Photos from the June meeting

Last night Templum Lucis Lodge UD had its 4th regular meeting with an excellent guest speaker: W.Bro. Andrew Hammer, author of Observing the Craft – The Pursuit of Excellence in Masonic Labour and Observance. Those present could also buy a copy of the book and have it signed by the author. If you couldn’t make […]

Meta ta physika

By this post, we are starting to publish papers, lectures presented in our lodge. Metaphysics is defined as the theoretical philosophy of being and of knowing. I had always thought it came from the Greek meta, beyond and physics, the study of the natural world. But it really comes from the phrase ta meta ta […]

March 2017 lecture

On March 16th, 2017 at the regular meeting of the lodge R.W.Bro.¬†Charles A. Woods presented an interesting lecture titled “Why Freemasonry is important to men?” So where can young men go to be mentored in life skills in a safe environment by genuine, caring men? Not in the workplace which is hugely competitive generally or […]