Deeper meaning of EA degree – Initiation

September meeting was a proud night for Templum Lucis Lodge No. 747: we initiated our very first member. There is only one person who can say that his mother lodge is Templum Lucis No. 747.

W Bro Robert Lund

W Bro Robert Lund

W. Bro. Rob Lund is Secretary and Past Master of Kilwinning Lodge 565 in Toronto.

He is, and has been, the Chairman of the Toronto West District Education Committee for several years. He has written numerous articles that have appeared in Lodge, District, and Grand Lodge publications. He lectures regularly on esoteric interpretation of Masonic ritual and symbols, and has published a number of books on the subject. His latest book, called A Simple Way to a Spiritual Path, is not specific to the Craft, but should be read by all Masons with an interest in esotericism.

W. Bro. Lund was the guest speaker at our September meeting presenting a lecture about the Deeper meaning of EA Degree . (click the link to see and download the PDF file)

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